Three questions to ask when choosing an online casino

Online casino choosing


Here are the 3 top questions to ask before deciding which online casino to make a deposit with:

Is the online casino licensed?

This might sound like an overly basic question, but you can’t assume every website that calls itself a casino is on the level. If the casino is recommended by a reputable online casino reviewer, or if you’ve seen it advertised offline, then it probably has a license, but it is best to make sure.

Most online casinos list their licenses in the footer of the main page. Usually the logo of the regulatory agency is included, but sometimes it is only text. A link to the license on the regulator’s website should be included. If you are from the UK, Sweden, Italy, Spain, or Denmark, look for a license from your home country. Residents from most other countries are regulated by “Rest of World” regulators in Curaçao, Gibraltar, Alderney, and the Isle of Man. Of these, the regulatory regime in Curaçao is considered to be fairly lax so do take caution if playing on a casino with a license from this regulator only.

What are the rules for deposits and withdrawals?

Most well known online casinos have fairly standard rules, but even then players can get caught out.

Questions to ask are, are there fees for deposits or withdrawals?

How long do withdrawals take?

Is there a withdrawal limit per day or per month?

Online casinos are under increasing pressure to prove that the money deposited on their systems is not from some nefarious use, so do expect a bit of hassle when it comes to making deposits. If a casino is making you jump through hoops, this is because a regulator is making them jump through them too. This is much better than a relaxed casino with no regulation to protect you!

Withdrawals can also take unexpectedly long to process. Sometimes this is because an online casino has legitimate concerns about how a player won a large amount of cash. Did they cheat? Have they found a glitch in the system?

Good casinos will pay out eventually. If you think a casino is making excuses and has no legitimate reason to withhold your winnings, take it to an arbitrator (all regulated casinos have arbitration processes you can access).

What games does the online casino have?

If you think the top 100 online casinos have access to the same exact slots and live dealer games, think again!

Online casinos have to make commercial agreements with each slot of live dealer producer, and not every online casino has a deal in place with every game provider.

What’s more, many of the best know online casinos, like Zodiac Casino or Grand Mondial Casino, only have slots from a single provider: Microgaming.

You may find the famous Zodiac Casino 80 free spins bonus offer enticing, but if you want to use your bonus to play NetEnt games, you’re out of luck!

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